Walking the Tightrope: Freelance, No Work, and Taking Control of Your Future

ideas Jan 10, 2024
Walking the Tightrope: Freelance, No Work, and Taking Control of Your Future

There are plenty of options to labour without receiving payment in the broad field of freelancing.

Writers, designers, photographers, and other creative professionals who work as freelancers have probably heard the enticing lure of doing work for "exposure." Many times, websites, organisations, and clients are willing to take your hard work on without asking for payment.

Knowing the Worth of Unpaid Labour:
There are situations when working for free is the best way to achieve your objectives. This could be improving your abilities while obtaining recognition and attention, or it could be supporting a cause that is near and dear to your heart. In the appropriate situation, this trade of abilities for exposure might be advantageous.

Identifying the Hazards:
However, this does not mean that you have to give up all of your rights and advantages just because there was no money exchanged. Consider large publishing sites that host your work but require you to give up your rights or provide no credit. Without your permission, they may retain the right to modify your work or use your reputation and image for their own financial advantage. Even though these clauses are typical for them, you shouldn't automatically adopt them.

Building Your Own Power:
Keep in mind that you have more power than ever in the current digital era. The classic story of becoming noticed requires a publisher or a well-known client, but this is quickly evolving. Your work can frequently be published more successfully and independently.

The Viewpoint Over Time:
It's not a sprint but a marathon—your freelance career. Your future opportunities are paved by the clients you work with now. The standard of your current output determines the nature of your legacy. Realising that you control your professional trajectory is crucial.

Urgency is essential for freelancers, but it must be used carefully. Instead of hurrying into unjust contracts with obnoxious clients, concentrate on creating fearless, influential work. Make an effort to produce material that, if it disappeared, would leave a gap. Keep in mind that working as a freelancer is a means to realising your dreams, not just a job. Own it with determination and pride.